• Próba zastosowania teorii archigrafemu w nauczaniu języka polskiego jako obcego

Próba zastosowania teorii archigrafemu w nauczaniu języka polskiego jako obcego

Michalina Biernacka
Google Scholar Michalina Biernacka


An attempt to apply the archigrapheme theory in the teaching of Polish as a foreign language

The author of the article refers to the archigrapheme theory, developed in the French language world, which deals with the integration of the teaching of two elements of language: phonetics and spelling. The attempt to transfer the theory into the Polish language as a foreign language emphasises the links between the graphic code and the phonic code in Polish, and the possibilities of practical use, during language classes for foreigners, of exercises proposed by Mieczysław Gajos, the author of Dydaktyka ortografii dźwięku języka obcego na przykładzie języka francuskiego Teaching the spelling of foreign language sounds as exemplified by the French language. The techniques suggested by the author — of confrontation, identification and classification — help us to recognise the image of a word on the basis of articulation, to  notice the relations between the spelling and pronunciation rules governing them, and to activate the students’ skill of distinguishing and identifying phonograms. A multi-method way of teaching, using e.g. visualisation, brings the best results, mobilising the brain to receive different stimuli at the same time and activating the learners.

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