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Część II

Tom 13 (2015)

Anglicyzmy w polskim dyskursie naukowym

  • Olga Majchrzak
17 lutego 2016


Anglicisms in Polish academic discourse

The aim of the article is to examine the perception of lexical borrowings from English in Polish academic discourse, as there is a noticeable tendency in Polish to overuse Anglicisms in English linguistics. The author analyses the Polish language used by advanced users of English in their research domain, i.e. linguistics. In addition, she tries to establish how the academic Polish language with its marked English influences is perceived by scholars specialising in English and Polish. As the author’s research demonstrates, scholars specialising in the Polish language will accept more Anglicisms in Polish academic discourse than those specialising in the English language, which suggests that an individual’s perception of Anglicisms is determined not only by his or her linguistic awareness but also by the need to handle terminology in both languages.