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Część II

Tom 13 (2015)

Wielokodowość komunikacji w postępowaniu sądowoadministracyjnym

  • Aleksander Wiśniowski
17 lutego 2016


Multiple communication codes in administrativejudicial proceedings

The article focuses on a description of the basic tools supporting non-verbal communication in court in administrative judicial proceedings. The basic parameters determining the rhythm of interaction between the participants in the process and the court are the courtroom and its architecture determining the basic conditions of the kinesic code: time and pace as well as appearance including official dress. Those non-linguistic categories influence the identification of the participants in the proceedings as members of one communication community within which the legal reality becomes transformed. Statements of the parties, given the professional ethical standards binding on lawyers, should be characterised by moderate gesticulation and voice intensity. If a lawyer violates customary norms regulating forms of speech and self-presentation, this may have disciplinary consequences.