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Część I

Tom 15 (2017)

Slovní druh jako základní jazykovědný a didaktický pojem

  • Květoslava Klímová
1 grudnia 2017


Word class as a basic linguistic and didactic term

the beginning of the article deals with a word class as a linguistic term. The emphasis is put on its application in both semantic and formal morphology, in lexicology, word formation and syntax. We pay attention to the fact that word classes are not disjunctive groups; it means that there are many words that convert from one word class to another one. In the second part of the contribution, we focus on the meaning of word classes for teaching at primary school, especially at the lower grade. The emphasis is put on three basic functions of words, the semantic, form and syntactic one, whose features are principal components for a definition of a word class. The attention is paid to the last curricular document, i.e. Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education, which was introduced into the education system in 2006/2007. We focus on the position of curriculum about word classes in this document. Finally, we offer possibilities of illustrative tasks that may be used when introducing Primary School Standards and that have been created on the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy minimal, optimal and excellent level. All of the exemplary tasks relate to the curriculum about word classes at lower primary school.