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Część I

Tom 15 (2017)

Pojetí literární výchovy v kurikulu české základní školy druhé poloviny dvacátého století

  • Jitka Zítková
1 grudnia 2017


Conception of literary education in Czech curriculumfor primary school in the second half of the 20th century

The article has a historical and comparative character. It is concerned with the conception of literary education as a part of the Czech language as a school subject in the primary school curriculum. The author pays attention mainly to the period of the second half of the 20th century but she takes account of the previous and the present curriculum, too. The aims, content and methods of literary education in the curriculum are studied separately in each period of its development there. The main tendencies in their conception are defined. A few concepts are described as tendencies to stability, e.g. the presence of customary aims, the presence of three basic sections of content without their further inner hierarchy, and the presence of methodical crux within the direct work with texts. As one of the most distinct changes and movements, we can classify the decrease and then expire of ideological stress on the curriculum, making terminology more and more accurate but without needful definitions and shortening of newer curriculum. The changes of curriculum have always reflected both the social and political transformations and their results.