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Część II

Tom 15 (2017)

Analiza opisów przedmiotu, postaci i krajobrazu napisanych przez uczniów klas IV–VI szkoły podstawowej

  • Marta Mariowska
1 grudnia 2017


An analysis of descriptions of objects, human figures and landscapes by pupils from form 4–6 of primary school

In the article the author analyses three kinds of descriptions created during Polish language classes in forms 4–6 — description of an object, of a human figure and of a landscape. She explores the structure of the pupils’ texts, taking into account, first of all, the order of description elements and the level of detail. Her analysis demonstrates that achieving the right level of detail is difficult for pupils and depends to a large extent on how instructions are formulated and whether the pupils can see they object they are describing. When it comes to the order of description elements, the most frequently used arrangement is hierarchical, complemented by an arrangement best suited to the ob­ject being described, e.g. vertical for a description of a human figure or horizontal for a description of a landscape. The author’s research confirms that the ability to create such texts require practice and in-depth analysis of one’s surroundings.