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Tom 17 (2019)

Odmiana polskich nazw miejscowych w edukacji szkolnej — jak i po co?

  • Krzysztof Kaszewski
1 października 2019


Declination of the names of Polish local places in school education — how and why?

Inflection of Polish place names is a new topic in the Polish language curriculum. In the article I discuss the basic problems with the teaching of the subject in school practice e.g. Considerable grammatical diversity and irregularity of the names, relatively low number of teaching aids and propose basic objectives as well as examples of methods used when working with the names of Polish towns and villages. The main objective is not just to develop grammatical competence; it is also about, perhaps above all, developing logical thinking as well as the ability to deal with difficulties using reliable sources of information. Exercises with Polish place names can teach analysis, reasoning, spotting differences and similarities, and using analogies. They should also encourage the use of place names in various texts.