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Prawo karne wykonawcze

Tom 46 (2017)

Wstrzymanie wykonania zastępczej kary pozbawienia wolności w trybie art. 65a k.k.w.

  • Kamila Mrozek
16 lutego 2018


Suspension of the execution of the alternative custodial sanction pursuant to Art. 65a of the Executive Penal Code

The suspension of the execution of the custodial sanction under alternative sanction presents a high educational value as well as it reduces the incarcerated population and budgetary expenditures in this regard. It is therefore a perfect alternative to the alternative custodial sanction. An essential precondition for the commencement of proceedings for suspension of the execution of the alternative sentencing is a written declaration by the offender about his subjection to the execution of the community sentence and to rigours related to it. Considerations undertaken are based on the solution provided for in Art. 65A of the Executive Penal Code, besides include a dogmatic analysis, focused on the assessment of the character of the institution which is subject of this article. The author notes the absence of legislative consistency — in the context of the ratio legis of the analysed solution — considering the fact, that the title construction is based exclusively on the Court’s discretion.