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Tom 60 (2021)

Sposób kreowania postaci Juliusza Słowackiego w przestrzeni internetowej. Rekonesans

  • Elżbieta Szyngiel
31 grudnia 2021


The article concerns the ways of creating Juliusz Słowacki’s image online. The problem is discussed based on graphic material (memes, facetiae) and fi lm material (productions in the series
“Historia bez cenzury” [History without censorship], “Wielkie konflikty” [Great conflicts]). The authoress briefly discusses the viability of the Romantic paradigm in contemporary Polish culture
and the reminiscence of this presence, which is key in the image of the poet shaped by authors and internet users. Next, the authoress characterises the artist based on the collected research material.

In most cases, Słowacki is presented as a negative character — a cowardly, pretentious, conceited man, jealous of the poetic talent of his fellow writers. He is often confronted with Adam
Mickiewicz, a character depicted much more positively.

Summing up, the authoress considers the reasons for this type of simplification of the image of the Polish bard on the internet, and concludes that it is the result of building a schematic image of the world based on stereotypes; this image then begins to function in the collective memory of society.