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Tom 60 (2021)

Na kopule miliony gwiazd Juwenilia Joanny Pollakówny

  • Agata Szulc-Woźniak
31 grudnia 2021


The article is focused on the earliest published poems of Joanna Pollakówna (1938—2002) — a poet and an esseyist. I present three poems, in which Pollakówna refers to cosmic and infi nity: Podróż,
Alchemia and Kataklizm o zmierzchu (the last one is a text published only in a journal; it didn’t appear in Wiersze Zebrane) and I point out her humor and courage. Such an image of Pollakówna’s
poetry doesn’t fit the well-established opinion about her work (considered to be confessional, meditative). In the second part of the article, I recall Camille Flammarion, the astronomer and philosopher
who inspired the poet in her youth. The belief in the relationship between the knowable (earthly) and the unknowable (heavenly or mystical) reality, expressed in his works, seems to be an important
context not only for Pollakówna’s juveniles, but also for her mature works.