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Tom 57 (2017)

Obraz XVIII-wiecznego miasta polskiego w „Sprzeczkach” Jakuba Jasińskiego

  • Aleksandra Tomicka
12 lipca 2018


Image of eighteenth-century Polish city in Jakub Jasinski’s poems Quarrels Sprzeczki

Jakub Jasinski in the mock-heroic Quarrels places action of story in one of the provincial towns in the vicinity of Krakow. The architectural image of the eighteenth-century city that emerges from the poem shows the problems of Polish realities that urgently needed reforms. During this time, outside the capital, which grew fast, the cities of Poland were mired in poverty. There were many, but existed on the verge of collapse, were often deserted, standing in the ruins. In Western Europe city life was cultural and economically prosperous, and town`s people lived in well-being. The poem from Jasinski’s hand shows Polish reality subjected to criticism, which formed the basis of his polit­ical program based on the Enlightenment slogans of social reform and rationalism.