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Tom 57 (2017)

Dookoła pustki. Widma w villanellach Dariusza Suski

  • Kamil Nolbert
12 lipca 2018


Around the void. Spectres in Dariusz Suska’s villanelle

The article presents an attempt of reading the poems of Dariusz Suska with his villanelle taken into particular consideration, in the context of Jacques Derrida’s hauntology and the idea of the ‘weak thought’ by Gianni Vattimo. The key question for the hereby presented interpretation is the issue of inheritance, understood — following Derrida — not as something that we simply inherit, but as a task to accomplish. Spectres haunting Suska remind us that the poet has adebt to pay to a certain generation of spectres Auden, Bishop, Thomas, Barańczak — not only does he inherit from them death and fear there of as the occurring of existence, but also the very villanella.