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Tom 57 (2017)

Wiersz jako parodia cytatu. „List do PI” Krzysztofa Koehlera

  • Ireneusz Staroń
12 lipca 2018


The poem as aparody of aquote. Krzysztof Koehler’s List do PI

The article attempts to analyse the poem List do PI The letter to PI, one of the most repre­sentative of Krzysztof Koehler’s poetry. In the poem aquote from Horace’s Letter to the Pisos is treated as acrucial component of the lyrical subject creation. The lyrical “I” is both an Amfion’s creator and an ironist who changes the sense of each word during his “comic journey”. It must, however, be borne in mind that on the global level the ironisation of the lyrical world is only that what Linda Hutcheon called an “authorized transgression”. Essential for the Koelher’s parody is the reconstruction of the language.