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Tom 128 (2022)

Planning acts as a legal form for ensuring solidarity in the local self-government

  • Radosław Mędrzycki
7 listopada 2022


The principle of social solidarity is an essential element of a democratic state of law. Its legal expression affects public authorities, including the executive. In most European countries, public administration is obliged to follow and implement it. However, binding administration to the law — characteristic of modern democratic states — requires creating legal forms of ensuring this principle in regulations of a statutory rank.

The primary aim of this paper is to verify the hypothesis that planning acts in local self-governments may serve to ensure the realisation of the principle of social solidarity. Therefore, planning acts should be considered in the social policy of local authorities. Although the author has chosen the legal order of a specific European country (Poland) as a point of reference, the article’s conclusions are universal. The paper uses the dogmatic-legal and theoretical-legal research methods. The author also attempts to take into account the achievements of administrative policy science, including the particularly significant accomplishments of the Wrocław school.