Tom 316 Nr 1 (2014)

Doręczenia pism jednostkom organizacyjnym w postępowaniu administracyjnym

Beata Madej

Strony: 79 - 93



Delivering letters to organizational units in an administrative action

The problem connected with technical-procedural act which is here a legal institution of delivering letters to organizational units in administrative action, is interesting both in theory and in practice. The legal effects and many advantages in practice show how great the value of the mentioned institution actually is. The process of correctly delivering letters to entities other than natural persons is determined by fulfilling requirements and premises established by legislative body of the country. It means that the whole process is done successfully, if it takes place in an office of an organizational unit and a letter is given directly to a person who has the right to receive it. Non-fulfilment of the conditions described in Article 45 of the Code of Administrative Procedure makes the action of delivering ineffective. Great achievements of judicial decision in the subject of delivering letters, described as entity category, confirm the difficulties of usage of accepted legal resolutions that had been established by the legislative body. Considering the above, the reflection on the mentioned matter is justified.