Tom 320 (2016)

Artykuł 145a § 1 ustawy — Prawo o postępowaniu przed sądami administracyjnymi jako podstawa do wydania wyroku przesądzającego merytorycznie o sposobie rozstrzygnięcia lub załatwienia sprawy administracyjnej

Karol Szczurek

Strony: 151 - 164



Article 145a § 1 of the Law on Proceedings
Before Administrative Courts as a basis for a judgment
on merits as to the disposal or settlement
of an administrative case

The publication deals with Art. 145a § 1 of the Law on Proceedings Before Administrative Courts, introduced with the amendment of 9 April 2015. Article 145a § 1 of the Law on Proceedings Before Administrative Courts gives the administrative courts a power to impose on public administration bodies an obligation to issue a decision or a resolution of a specific content in a set time. Hence, a judgment of an administrative court based on the new regulation has an indirect character of a decision on merits. Although the judgment does not substitute an administrative act, it offers binding requirements for the contents of the administrative act and a set date for its issuance.
The aim of this publication is to analyse the prerequisites of applying the new regulation and the manner in which the new regulation has been applied by the administrative courts up to date. The analysis then turns to de lege lata conclusions. The considerations also touch upon the problem of compliance of the new regulation with Polish Constitution.
In spite of some critical voices, the new regulation should be positively assessed in terms of its realisation of the rule of procedural economy and for safeguarding the individuals’ legitimate interests through speeding up the possibility of obtaining a substantive administrative decision. There is, however, a need for a more frequent application of the new regulation by administrative courts.