Tom 322 (2017)

Zmiana imienia i nazwiska w trybie administracyjnoprawnym

Mateusz Tubisz

Strony: 101 - 113



The change of the first name and last name in the mode administrative law

Scientific work explains the procedure for changing the name on the basis of administrative law. Initially, it refers to earlier regulations and historical traditions. Subsequently, it describes the current concepts in Poland, indicating that the most important piece of legislation on this issue is the Act of 17 October 2008. To change the name, which plays a fundamental role in determining, for example on the subjective and objective scope of the Act, as also presenting a catalog of positive evidence, which must be met in order, first or last name may have been changed. Most importantly, the re­search work analyzed the concept of „valid reasons” that must exist for the applicant to be able to rule on his case had been positive. The whole work was crowned substantial completion, assessment of the current regulation, as well as the indication of conduct for effectively applying to change the name or surname.