Tom 327 (2019)

Ochrona urzędników w kodyfikacji karnej obowiązującej na ziemiach byłego zaboru rosyjskiego w Polsce w latach 1918–1932

Strony: 115 - 127



Protection of officials in the criminal codification binding on the territories of the former Russian partition in Poland in the years 1918–1932

The protection of officials is aimed at ensuring the functioning of the state which is a common good of all citizens. Protection based on criminal law regulations is a special kind of protection. In the lands of the former Russian partition after 1918, until the adoption of the Polish criminal code in 1932, it was granted on the basis of the provisions contained in Part Six of the Russian Criminal Code of 1903 the so-called Tagantsev code. It was not straightforward because the Russian code was characterized by excessively detailed regulations which created problems with its application in practice. The application of this code required adapting its old content to new conditions. Providing protection to civil servants was, however, one of the main tasks of the revived Polish state.