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Tom 327 (2019): Sto lat polskiej administracji publicznej

Marszałek województwa jako organ podatkowy

  • Zbigniew Ofiarski
11 czerwca 2019


Province Marshal as a tax authority

The Province Marshal voivodeship marshal does not hold the status of an authority in local government units. The Province Marshal serves only as the chairman of the province government, that is, the executive body of the local government of the province. From the perspective of the law on public levies, and in particular the law regulating the size and collection of public levies, the Province Marshal is a tax authority or at least a body which has the authority of a tax authority. As a result of introducing further public dues into the Polish system of public levies, in particular dues related to activities that have negative environmental impact, the scope of the Province Marshal’s role in assessing and levying of such dues has become more significant. The role of a Province Marshal is not limited only to the assessment and collection procedures, but also to other tasks, such as gathering of information, keeping of records and drawing up of reports.