• O niektórych kategoriach filozoficznych w twórczości administracyjnoprawnej profesora Jana Bocia

O niektórych kategoriach filozoficznych w twórczości administracyjnoprawnej profesora Jana Bocia

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0524-4544.327.25
Marek Bratuń
Google Scholar Marek Bratuń
Aleksandra Szadok-Bratuń
Google Scholar Aleksandra Szadok-Bratuń


On certain philosophical categories in the administrative and legal output of professor Jan Boć

The authors of this article analyze selected philosophical categories contained in administrative and legal publications by professor Jan Boć. In this way they want to focus the reader’s attention on the presence of philosophical reflection in the works of a representative of the Wrocław school of cameralistics. The basis for the considerations are the following texts by the professor: monographs entitled Obywatel wobec ingerencji współczesnej administracji Citizen against the interference of modern administration and Gmina w Belgii Commune in Belgium, the author’s entries contained in the legal dictionary of difficult words, as well as the article entitled “Normatywizacja wartości
w prawie administracyjnym” Normativization of values in administrative law co-authored with Piotr Lisowski.
The article begins with a reminder of basic facts from the biography of professor Jan Boć.
Then, the concept of a “citizen” is examined, analyzed in the historiosophical and administrative-legal contexts. The following categories of philosophy, considered in the comparative aspect, are discussed: “autonomy”, “heteronomy”, “ethical naturalism”, “ethical relativism”, “value” and “axiology”.
In the conclusion of their investigations, the authors emphasize the objective praise of the axiormormality of professor Jan Boć that appears in his studies, as well as of the very high level of their substantiveness, originality and constant, deepened philosophical reflection. In a special way they highlight the fact that the relationship between philosophical thinking and administrative law was a valuable asset of the legal culture of Jan Boć.

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