• Syndrom wypalenia zawodowego w administracji publicznej

Syndrom wypalenia zawodowego w administracji publicznej

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0524-4544.327.26
Magdalena Tabernacka
Google Scholar Magdalena Tabernacka


Burnout syndrome in public administration

Occupational burnout is a state experienced by an employee in the domain of their psyche, somatics and social interactions. This phenomenon has a huge impact on the functioning of the structure in which this person is employed. In the case of employment in public administration institutions, the occurrence of the burnout syndrome is conditioned by specific factors having to do with the organizational and workplace culture-related conditions within a given institution, as well as systemic and organizational foundations of the administrative structure itself. The burnout syndrome in public administration officials and employees occurs at a similar frequency as in the entire working population; however, for those employed in aid-providing institutions, the risk is notably higher. As for the remedies, a major role is played by supervision and appropriate organizational climate that provides support and respect for other-than-professional areas of social functioning of an employee or a public administration official.

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