Tom 335 (2022)

Koncepcja rehabilitacji sądowej w pracach Komisji Kodyfikacyjnej nad projektem polskiego kodeksu karnego z 1932 roku

Strony: 73-88



The article presents the course of work in the Criminal Law Section of the Codification Commission of the Republic of Poland on the institution of judicial rehabilitation. It has been shown that its concept was carefully developed on the basis of the resolutions of the Criminal Law Section inspired by prof. J. Makarewicz’s report and the discussion developed around this report, taking into account the achievements of foreign legislation and legal doctrine. The solutions based on these resolutions proposed by J. Makarewicz in the preliminary draft of the general part of the Penal Code were subject to further substantive and editorial modifications as a part of the second and third reading of the Polish Penal Code draft, and then at the forum of a specially appointed Ministerial Committee. As a consequence of these activities, the inclusion of judicial rehabilitation in the Polish Penal Code of 1932 respected the latest postulates of the criminal policy and implemented the principle of punishment individualization.