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Tom 69 (2022): Construire le sens. Entre le mot, le texte et le discours

Littérature francophone de migration et d’exil – quelle approche de lecture pour développer les compétences interculturelles en FLE ?

  • Bernadeta Wojciechowska
29 listopada 2022


This article discusses the reading of francophone literature aimed at developing (inter)cultural competence in the language classroom. The distinction of the three approaches: experiential, literary and discursive, has made it possible to grasp the mechanisms and resources that the corresponding modes of reading literary texts are likely to mobilize and transform in the learner. This theoretical framework was applied to the analysis of learners’ opinions written after the reading of Fatou Diome’s Le ventre de l’Atlantique. From the perspective of the development of (inter)cultural competences, the analysis made it possible to see, among other things, how the learners understand the culture represented in the book.