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Tom 57 (2010)

La littérature pour jeunes lecteurs: problèmes terminologiques liés au nom du domaine en polonais et en français

  • Natalia Paprocka
1 stycznia 2010


“Literature for young readers”: A terminological problem with the name of this type of literature in Polish and French


Literature for children and young people interests many scholars, who use various terms to describe it. The aim of the article is: 1 to collect the terms that are used in Polish and French to describe this type of literature and 2 to examine why there are so many synonyms, or at least words that seem to be synonymous, to name a single notion. From the formal point of view, these terms can be divided according to two criteria: 1 structure of its object and 2 number of words to describe the age category in the object. When it comes to the reasons behind the existence of such a complex terminology, we could distinguish the following: 1 different ways of understanding the definition of age categories, 2 different scopes attributed to the terms by various scholars, 3 the ambiguity of some of the terms, 4 subordination to a broader linguistic phenomenon or, finally, 5 a desire to avoid negative connotations associated with some terms.