Vol. 57 (2010)

Les marques d’usage dans les dictionnaires bilingues français-polonais et polonais-français

Pages: 119 - 134

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Labels in bilingual French-Polish and Polish-French dictionaires


The article is an analysis of labels used in eighteen general Polish-French and French-Polish dictionaries that have been published over the last forty years. The author wants to find out whether the analysed dictionaries have the same labels and whether the labels are defined, which would make it possible to regard them as terms. The inventory of labels, compiled on the basis of information contained in the introductions to the dictionaries and on the basis of lists of abbreviations, is divided into seven thematic groups. The author focuses in particular on the chronological, geographical, stylistic and expressive labels. Within each of these groups the Polish labels are confronted with the Polish lexicographic practice and the French labels – with the French practice. Finally both lists – Polish and French – are compared in terms of equivalence. The analysis shows that the bilingual dictionaries examined by the author usually do not explain the rules of labelling words and do not define precisely the meanings of labels used, though some of the modern monolingual dictionaries could be regarded as positive examples in this respect. In addition, authors of bilingual dictionaries seem to be limited in their use of the latest methodological proposals presented in the extensive literature on the subject. Consequently, the inventory of Polish terms used as labels in bilingual dictionaries only partially corresponds to the list of labels used nowadays in Polish language dictionaries.

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Ucherek, W. (2010). Les marques d’usage dans les dictionnaires bilingues français-polonais et polonais-français. Romanica Wratislaviensia, 57, 119–134. Consulté à l’adresse