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Tom 16 Nr 2 (2021)

Sztuka zwierząt i „paradygmat siatkówkowy” — czym nie jest estetyka ewolucyjna

  • Jerzy Luty
2 grudnia 2021


In the article I defend some of the thesis presented in my book ‘Art as Adaptation: Universalism in Evolutionary Aesthetics’ (Sztuka jako adaptacja: uniwersalizm w estetyce ewolucyjnej) (2018) against the claims of my critics. I focus especialy on some misreadings regarding the explanatory power of evolutionary science. I try to show that even though evolutionarily informed aesthetics is not a handy tool for analyzing the intrinsically diverse currents of modern and neo-avant-garde art, it does an excellent job of explaining the mental tendencies and typical behaviors behind these practices. I also focus on the artistic abilities of animals and the problematic dominance of the visuality paradigm in the evolutionary approach, topics that are unjustifiably considered to be most momentous in evolutionary aesthetics.