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Tom 15 (2011)

Wkład oficerów Polakówi osób polskiego pochodzenia w rozwój rosyjskiej nauki w XIX wieku. Wybrane problemy

  • Wiesław Caban
31 grudnia 2011


The contribution of Polish officers and people of Polish originto the development of Russian science in the 19th century. Selected problems

Poles or people of Polish origin made up quite a large group among the tsarist officer corps in the 19th century. Some, especially high-rank officers, conducted research into areas related to military science. It would be difficult to say at this point how numerous the group was.

In the present article I examine the achievements of several dozen high-rank officers, who contributed significantly to the development of the Russian military science and, in general, to the strengthening of Russia’s military potential, cartography, topography as well as medical and natural sciences. Some army officers of Polish origin achieved international fame thanks to their inventions or discoveries. Further studies will undoubtedly expand our knowledge of the subject.