Projektowanie książki orientalnej według Leona Urbańskiego



Designing oriental books according to Leon Urbański


The numerous books designed by Leon Urbański 1926‒1998, a distinguished Polish 20th-century typographer, included, in particular, a series published by the Polish Oriental Society between 1966 and 1987 at the Ossoliński National Institute. The series was important for the artist himself and was also highly valued by specialists, a fact confirmed by numerous awards. The article analyses the most interesting volumes in terms of their graphics and typography, showing the designer’s inspirations and his fascination with the Middle and Far East. The typographic analysis covers not only books published by the Ossolineum, but also book designs made by Urbański. A comparative analysis reveals significant differences between the designs and the end products, providing material for reflection on the work of the artist and the possibilities of publishing his designs. When comparing the books with the designs, it is easier to understand the essence of Leon Urbański’s work – the significance of the detail and of precision.