O potrzebie księgoznawczych badań nad żydowską książką literacką w polskich przekładach w XX wieku


  • Monika Jaremków


On the need for bibliographic research into Jewish literary books in Polish translations in the 20th century


After 1989 Jewish studies began to flourish in Poland, with numerous works dealing with Jewish history and literature as well as popular science books being published at the time. However, although there are more or less extensive historico-literary works devoted to the history of Jewish literature as well as a growing number of scholarly works devoted to Jewish printing, publishing and book selling, and history of libraries, there are very few bibliological works focused on the problem of Jewish literary books, including those translated into Polish. The article examines the history of the publishing reception of Polish translations of literary works written in Hebrew and Yiddish. Exploration of all the literary works translated from the Jewish languages into Polish and published in the form of books as the so-called monographic publications in the 20th century, and research into the evolution of book forms, their editorial framework, can contribute to our understanding of the linguistic and cultural contacts between the two nations.