Głód w czasach obfitości. Źródła informacji w podręcznikach do zajęć komputerowych



Hunger in times of plenty. Sources of information in computer course books


According to the General education curriculum for primary schools, seven most important skills to be acquired by pupils include “the ability to use modern information and communication technologies, also for the purpose of finding and applying information”. The recommendations accompanying these provisions, concerning the conditions and the method of curriculum implementation, leave us in no doubt: classes should take place in rooms in which each pupil has a computer connected to the internet at his or her disposal. This reflects commonly expressed postulates of opening the education system to the real problems of the modern world and to sources of information outside school. The article analyses contemporary computer course books with regard to the use by the pupils of internet resources: education portals and websites. The author tries to answer the question what today, in an era of unavoidable technology, hampers its effective introduction into the teaching and learning processes.