У пошуку нових форм: реалії українського ринку медіа для дітей


  • Emilia Ogar



Słowa kluczowe:

new media, digital media for children, typology of children’s digital media, monomedia edition, multimedia edition, convergent mass media for children, Ukrainian book apps


In the search for new forms: The realities of the Ukrainian market of children’s media

This paper analyses one of the most innovative segments of the Ukrainian media market — digital and convergent media for children — from the perspective of media studies. Вasing on the results of relevant research and valid empirical data, the author suggests a possible typology for analyzing new media by content presentation type — monomedia and multimedia. Multimedia can be classified in origin — i.e. digitized versions of print media, original “digital born” media, and combined media. Thanks to such characteristics as modernity of design, high level of creativity, functionality, inter­activity, attractiveness, efficiency of communication with young consumers, the most pronounced level of innovation in Ukraine is seen in multimedia and convergent mas media for children, which amalgamate printed magazines and web portals. Particular attention has been paid to innovative digital platforms, which fundamentally expand the functional possibilities of media for children in general. This paper elucidates the fundamental reasons — in the light of the availability of technol­ogy, communications and creative possibilities, development of the IT sector and actual production of digital media — why in Ukraine digital media for children are rather sporadic artistic projects than mass products of media industry.