Комунікативна модель сучасних природознавчих часописів для дітей на прикладі українського та польського пресовидання


  • Katerina Nikishova


Słowa kluczowe:

science press, science popular magazines, children and teenagers periodicals classification


Defining of popular science children’s periodic target audience on the Ukrainian and Polish press markets

The importance of reading popular science magazines is based on the specific of modern world, where science and technology have found their usage in everyday life, continue their very fast devel­opment and where nature needs protection from the human influence. According to the pedagogues and psychologists the best time to learn all the things connected with nature, science and technology is childhood. In popularization of science it is very important to know the target audience. That is why we analyzed Ukrainian and Polish press markets in the popular science magazines for children area to consider how publishers differ their audience while making material for children. It appears they prefer not to choose one group of recipients, but try to engage everyone. Such kind of strategy has its financial reasons, but from the pedagogical point of view this strategy is harmful for young reader. So we decided to inform about this problem and about the results of markets analysis.