• „Biblia królowej Zofii” — od rękopisu do formy cyfrowej

„Biblia królowej Zofii” — od rękopisu do formy cyfrowej

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2300-7729.36.6
Jakub Maciej Łubocki
Google Scholar Jakub Maciej Łubocki


Bible of Queen Sophia — from the manuscript to the digital form

The aim of study was to describe tangled history of Biblia królowej Zofii Bible of Queen Sophia; Queen Sophia’s Bible; Sárospatak Bible. This is one of the greatest cultural artefact of the Old Pol­ish language — currently considered missing in its original form. Against this background, the au­thor set further transpositions of the manuscript into anew forms of publications out transcription, collotype, transliteration, digitization. These other forms are associated with such figures as Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Jerzy Henryk Lubomirski, Antoni Małecki, Ludwik Bernacki, Zenon Klem­ensiewicz, Stanisław Urbańczyk, Vladimír Kyas — they researched the manuscript or initiated the process of its re-publication. Description and analysis of the effects of their achievements and their advantages and disadvantages, it all shows how difficult it is to face transposition of awork into anew form, and aproper choice of form and appropriately attuned reference matter are the keys to correct and effective presentation of the ancient work in contemporary realities.

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