Gdy treść i forma idą w parze. O edytorskich i estetycznych walorach czasopisma „Oficyna Poetów” wydawanego w Londynie w latach 1966–1980


  • Jan Kaczorowski


Słowa kluczowe:

emigration, literary magazines, Great Britain, London, printing, publishing, polonica, typography


When the content and form go hand in hand with one another. Aesthetic and editorial value of “Oficyna Poetów” — a magazine published in London between 1966 and 1980

“Oficyna Poetów” was aliterary and cultural magazine published in London by Polish-born émigré couple, Krystyna and Czesław Bednarczyk. After World War II they settled in Great Britain, and almost immediately started private printing press. That periodical was one of their biggest projects. “Oficyna…” was one of few magazines published abroad devoted to Polish literature and art. During communism era it was aplace where Polish authors could publish not being afraid of repercussions or censorship. The magazine also integrated Polish intelligentsia around the world and was some kind of alternative for “Kultura” published in Paris. During the years the owners of “Oficyna Po­etów iMalarzy” developed their skills and machine park of the press. Struggling from low budget and lack of support they still managed to maintain very high aesthetical level of their hand-made prints. The article is devoted to graphic and typographic form of the periodical. The Bednarczyks were editors, designers, typesetters and printers at the same time. They put great effort in selection of paper, print quality and acquired the most talented émigré illustrators to cooperate in “Oficyna…”. Aesthetic form of the magazine, as well as its cultural impact on Polish society in Great Britain can be sapid for researchers interested in emigration culture, literary magazines and niche printing movement in Great Britain.