Biblioteki dwudziestolecia międzywojennego na łamach „Przeglądu Księgarskiego”



Słowa kluczowe:

Bookselling Review, professional journals, librarianship, Second Polish Republic


Libraries of the interwar period on the pages of Przegląd Księgarski

The article depicts libraries and their functions in the interwar period as presented in Przegląd Księgarski, a paper which was the press organ of the Union of Polish Booksellers. The research has been limited to the 1918/1919–1920, 1922–1928 and 1935–1939 years’ issues. A total of 381 papers on library issues have been analyzed. The vast majority of the content was connected with Polish libraries. The articles primarily echoed bookselling-related developments in the Polish librarianship. As regards the foreign libraries, the papers mainly discussed private and public libraries, and library acts. The research has revealed a wide range of the topics addressed. Those, inter alia, involved statistical data pertaining to collections of books and readers, functions and tasks of the libraries of different types, library organization and basic procedures with special reference to the library collections policy. The articles also dealt with such major issues as the idea of the national library, legal deposit and the legal basis for library services. The reader could also find some information on union activity of the librarians, vocational training programmes and library press.