Rola biblioteki w dokumentowaniu dorobku naukowego pracowników Politechniki Lubelskiej



Słowa kluczowe:

bibliography, scholarship, bibliographic database, bibliometric database, parametrization, Lublin University of Technology


Role of the library in documenting the scholarship of Lublin University of Technology academics

The paper presents new functions and roles performed by Lublin University of Technology Library in context of the university parametric marks. A library has always played an important role in the scientific environment of universities. The primary aim of its activity is supporting the academics’ scientific performance. It has been done by providing the documentation of their scholarship. The composites of information on publications from various sources not only register the items but also positively influence the scholarly communications by enhancing discoverability. These databases, additionally equipped with tools necessary to analyse citations, start to play a more and more important role. Our bibliographic database has been enriched recently by new parametric indicators: journal mark indicators, citations, for example, according to the Web of Science. It allows the library to support the system of evaluation of scientific institutions conducted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Poland. The paper presents a description of the important role played by the Scientific and Technical Information Department at the University as the main coordinator concern­ing documentation and information including parametric evaluation of the university 2013–2016.