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Poesía del siglo XVI y del siglo XXI

Tom 17 (2009): Arte y verdad: reflexión poética y filosófica en la literatura hispánica

De heridas, redes y reses. Metáforas de la creación poética en tres jóvenes poetas espańolas (Julieta Valero, Ana Gorría y Esther Ramón)

  • Mario Martín Gijón
1 stycznia 2009


Of wounds, nets and cattle. Metaphors of poetry creation in three young Spanish poets (Julieta Valero, Ana Gorría y Esther Ramón)

This article analyzes the poetry of three young Spanish poets, which have in common the belief in the poetry as a means of knowledge, the existential concern and the search for new ways of expression. In each of these authors, the poetic activity is related to a very material imagery which emphasizes the relationship between language and the corporal self.