Estética de la poesía antigua

Vol. 16 (2008)

La "Carta para Arias Montano". Génesis y análisis de la última actitud estética de Francisco de Aldana

Lola González

Páginas: 11 - 31

PDF (Język Polski)


The “Letter to Arias Montano”. The genesis and analysis of the last aesthetic attitude of Francisco de Aldana

This article is about “Letter to Arias Montano” by Francisco de Aldana 1537–1578. Allegedly, this poem was the last one he wrote before disappearing in Alcazarquivir. In this long composition 451 verses, Aldana evaluates his life in a sincere and charming way and decides to drastically change it by moving away from the mundane drudgery in order to devote his time to divine contemplation and to achieve “harmony”; the happiness to which, according to the author, the man and his soul is destined. Thanks to the extraordinary use of certain poetic resources, Aldana achieves his purpose conveying to us the spiritual harmony that he had when he was young inquiry, essay or entertainment; for a deeper meaning that he takes from the concept of poetry according to the assumption that Neoplatism was developed on art.