Experimentos poéticos

Vol. 16 (2008)

Els colors dins de l'estructura imaginària a Gertrudis, de J. V. Foix

Marc Audí

Páginas: 75 - 85

PDF (Język Polski)


The colors in Gertrudis by Josep Vicenç Foix

Josep Vicenç Foix’s Gertrudis, first published in 1927, is a complex and contradictory prose ensemble. Structural studies have pointed out how the poet managed to modify what could seem a simple narration — in which two main characters, Gertrudis and the narrator, are attached by love, jealousy and betrayal — into an iterative succession of patterns, images and details. Foix wrote a Prologue to Gertrudis, usually not printed before the text, that shows that the poet also intended to create and demonstrate a new method in viewing reality, unreality, and in redefining the place and value of objection and subjection. In that method, hypnagogic images, because of their blurring effect, took a major function. We study here one of the aspects of that images: colors and chromatic variations, keeping in mind Foix’s will to change perception and representation. We describe such variations in black and red – the two most frequent and significant colors in Gertrudis.