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Mitos retomados

Tom 16 (2008): Entre la tradicion y la vanguarda de la poesia hispanica

Mito e hipertextualidad en unos sonetos amorosos de Dionisio Ridruejo, Blas de Otero y Gerardo Diego

  • Bénédicte Mathios
1 grudnia 2008


Myth and hypertextuality in some love sonnets by Dionisio Ridruejo, Blas de Otero and Gerardo Diego

The purpose of this work is to study the presence of old myths in the Spanish post civil war sonnets. As these references appear in love sonnets, they are linked with the embodiment of the beloved woman, and with mythic figures that have been represented by painters. Therefore, some poets like Dionisio Ridruejo, Blas de Otero, Gerardo Diego and Juan Eduardo Cirlot associate different types of hypertextuality with their own voices. Transaestheticism and myths contribute to the evolution of the sonnet and Spanish modern poetry.