Vol. 23 (2015)

Los traductores hispanos ante la transferencia de las peculiaridades de la realidad representada en el poema Wspomnienie de Julian Tuwim

Aleksandra Jackiewicz

Páginas: 127 - 136

PDF (Język Polski)


Hispanic translators in the face of the transference of the peculiarities of reality represented in the poem Wspomnienie by Julian Tuwim


A comparative study of the poem Wspomnienie by Julian Tuwim and its translation into Spanish by Luis Melgarejo and Joanna Studzińska, which we present in this article, aims to describe some of the translation difficulties that may arise while transferring the reality represented in the original verses. In this paper we take into consideration the concept of translation as the “trial of the foreign” proposed by Antoine Berman with the system of textual deformation that operates in every translation and prevents the foreign work to open up to the recipient in its foreignness. We intend to demonstrate that translators do not maintain all the peculiarities of the poetic strategy of the author, which leads to an inconsistency in the process of translation that makes the original images remain without reflection in the Spanish versions, with which the Spanish-speaking reader cannot perceive the mastery of the original poem in its entirety.