• Narrar la experiencia de la emigración. Los polacos en Misiones Argentina

Narrar la experiencia de la emigración. Los polacos en Misiones Argentina

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2084-2546.25.10
Anna Wendorff
Google Scholar Anna Wendorff


Narrating the experience of emigration: Poles in Misiones Argentina

The object of this study is to analyze how life accounts, histories, and testimonials of the Polish immigration in Misiones, Argentina, are constructed. The methodology employed for the analysis consists of: the ethnographic method, life accounts, biographic perspectives and research inter­views, not only for information concerning the manner, but also the process of putting togeth­er gaffes, according to what Rosana Guber explains in her book La etnografía: método, campo y reflexividad. The corpus of data was formed by Polish residents of the province of Misiones, Argentina. The results of the investigation determined that: their discourse acts as narration and not only as personal stories, constructs new identifying models and still others that refer to their original sources. As a corollary, the “new” identities have their manners of expression which are manifested via a series of discursive forms that characterize the speaker, such as the use of narrations that form an integral part of them. Finally, the conclusion suggests that the presence of the Polish immigrant in the province of Misiones affirms the concept of territorial polyphony and of narrative identities, since we can assume that in the narrative constructions similarly we will find discursive and meta­discursive constructions that propose identifying and historic relationships.

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