Tom 26 Nr 3 (2020)

Opinie studentów na temat konsumpcji mięsa i jej konsekwencji dla środowiska naturalnego

Strony: 53-64



The purpose of the paper is to recognize consumers’ opinions on the environmental aspects of meat consumption and the intention to limit meat consumption due to the negative influence of meat production on the environment. The objective of the paper was achieved through literature studies, information acquired from industry magazines and direct research. We adopted the research question whether consumers are willing to limit meat consumption due to the awareness of the consequences of meat consumption for the environment. The research was carried out in December 2019 using the online survey technique. The participants of the study were 457 representatives of young consumers — representatives of the generation which is most convinced of the harmful impact of mankind on the natural environment. The results of the research and analysis indicate that a significant proportion of young consumers have already reduced their meat consumption and a relatively significant (approx. 40%) intend to reduce meat consumption for environmental reasons, with the percentage of people who perceive the negative impact of industrial meat production on the environment is even higher and equals about 50%. Slightly less, approx. 35%, believe that limiting meat consumption can improve the state of the natural environment.