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Tom 29 Nr 1 (2023)

Perception of old age versus saving in Employee Capital Plans

21 lipca 2023


Consumer attitudes and behaviors aimed at financial security at old age are determined by many factors. They include the perception of old age and expectations towards this period of life. The research and considerations presented in this paper were inspired by the introduction of Employee Capital Plans in 2019. They are a new institution on the Polish pension market allowing employees to save to achieve financial security at an old age.

The purpose of the paper is to identify whether and how the perception of old age affects behavior related to additional saving in Employee Capital Plans (ECP). The paper presents the results of own quantitative research conducted with the use of the CAWI method in 2021. The survey was performed among 148 employees of Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB). The conducted research shows that the hypothesis about the influence of the perception of old age on decisions regarding saving in employee capital plans should be rejected.