Tom 25 Nr 2 (2019)

Efektywność akademickich klubów sportowych funkcjonujących w szkolnictwie wyższym

Strony: 9 - 20



Efficiency of academic sports clubs operating in higher education

In the article, the efficiency of 29 academic sports clubs in 2017 was measured using the NR-DEA non-radial-efficiency data envelopment analysis model. Two empirical models characterizing two different areas of activity of academic sports clubs were used in the study. The first model M1 fo­cused on club productivity, it includes the number of people practicing in the club and the total number of points obtained in the Polish Academic Championships. The second model M2 focused on club activity, it takes into account the number of organized events and participants taking part in the events. The results obtained show that sports clubs of technical universities were more often effective in terms of productivity than in terms of activity. A different situation occurs in university clubs, which were more often effective in terms of the activity of sports events, sporadically in terms of productivity.