Tom 25 Nr 2 (2019)

Ocena jakości obsługi klienta metodą "mystery shopping" na przykładzie banku

Strony: 37 - 51



Assessment of customer service quality using the mystery shopping method based on the example of a bank

The aim of the article is to assess the quality of customer service in a bank using the “mystery shop­per” method in the context of the binding service standards. The article was prepared on the basis of data from primary and secondary sources. As part of the mystery shopping research, 1,388 audits were conducted in 2018 and 2019. As a result of the conducted analyses, it was found that most of the analyzed criteria influencing customer satisfaction with the service in the examined bank are at a very good level over 91% of positive indications. One element of the service provision process a discreet greeting of an entering customer needs to be improved as its rating was positive only in 56% of indications, which gives an equivalent of a pass mark.