• „Wspólnota kosmologiczna”. Natura i sacrum w liryce Jerzego Harasymowicza

„Wspólnota kosmologiczna”. Natura i sacrum w liryce Jerzego Harasymowicza

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2084-4107.14.19
Michał Friedrich
Google Scholar Michał Friedrich


The paper is dedicated to the issues of nature, religion and sacral architecture of Polish–Ukrainian borderland, as well as the metaphysical understanding of nature in Jerzy Harasymowicz’s poetry. In addition to that, the article refers to the question of the unique cosmological communion between humans and other parts of God’s creation according to Christian perception of the world. The first chapter contains some general theses, which deal with the subject of nature in Harasymowicz’s poetry, but the issue of sacrum is also mentioned. The second part of the essay brings a reflection dedicated to pantheism and hylozoism present in the large collection of poems written by the poet from Puławy. Metaphysics, which is a crucial part of his achievements, is also mentioned here. The last part of the article discusses the relations between nature and culture located in the wider context of Eastern Christianity as well as Slavic paganism. The text, written in the year of the twentieth anniversary of Harasymowicz’s death, includes some crucial issues of the poet’s achievements from his whole life.

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