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Tom 14 (2020)

#ZostańWDomu — kronika czasów pandemii

  • Anna Brzezińska-Winkiel
  • Ewa Grzęda
  • Jacek Kolbuszewski
  • Maria Kościelniak
  • Dorota Nowicka
  • Anna Pigoń
18 sierpnia 2021


2020, ending the second decade of the twenty-first century, is going down in history as the year of a global pandemic caused by the rapid spread of a virus labelled as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). The dramatic consequences of the pandemic are still felt all over the world. One of the early methods for fighting the pandemic and aimed at stopping the transmission of the virus was a decision made by governments of most countries to close down the economy and restrict social contacts as much as possible, a state described as lockdown. Bans on travel and participation in public life have kept most people locked in their homes. In Poland the lockdown began on 12 March 2020. At its height even outdoor activities were banned – it was impossible to go for an ordinary walk in a forest, let alone venture on tourist trails or go rock climbing. Life moved online and the internet became a “lifebelt” enabling people to maintain their social contacts and fill their excess leisure time in an attractive manner. To support the fight against the pandemic, the media initiated a solidarity cam-paign, #StayAtHome, which was to help people survive the difficult days of home isolation. Those who actively joined the campaign included members of the Laboratory of Humanistic Research into the Mountains, who published richly illustrated short essays (under the hashtag #StayAtHome) on mountain-related themes on the fan page of Góry-Literatura-Kultura ( Although the material is still available on Facebook, we are publishing it in the present volume in its entirety as a sign of the times. Hoping that the world will be able to overcome the pandemic, we dedicate these articles to all healthcare professionals who have fought the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the front line with such dedication.