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Tom 12 (2018)

Alpy w twórczości Zygmunta Krasińskiego

Strony: 177 - 190



The Alps in the oeuvre of Zygmunt Krasiński

When it comes to the scope of its topics and level of detail, the sketch “The Alps in the oeuvre of Zygmunt Krasiński” is a preliminary reconnaissance. Krasiński’s image of the Alps was influenced by his “educational” trip to Switzerland on which he went with his guardians in the autumn of 1829. The primeval and monumental nature of the Alpine landscape left an indelible mark on the psyche of the young Romantic poet. This can be seen in Krasiński’s letters to his father as well as discursive writings of the future author of Non-Divine Comedy. Of crucial importance in the exploration of the Alps by young Krasiński were his Alpine trips: first in  the company of his tutor and English friend Henry Reeve and then in the company of Adam Mickiewicz and Edward Odyniec.