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Tom 12 (2018)

Teatr Nasz w Michałowicach, czyli teatr rodzinny i wiejski

Strony: 389 - 395



Teatr Nasz in Michałowice or a family and village theatre company

The note concerns Jadwiga and Tadeusz Kuta private theatre, Teatr Nasz Our theatre, which performs in the Karkonosze village of Michałowice. The actors sold their possessions in the city and decided to settle in the mountains, giving up their comfortable jobs in an institutional theatre. Twenty-five years ago they erected a wooden theatre building, a restaurant and cottages for guests in Michałowice. Their spectators flee cities in order to find some rest in Michałowice, and watch cabaret, comedy and musical shows. They also undergo a humor therapy, as it were, and experience the refreshing influence of the mountains.